GA WhatsApp Apk Download Latest 2023 For Android [Anti-Ban]

GA WhatsApp Apk 2022 for Android.

GA WhatsApp is based on GB WhatsApp and has tons of interesting features like privacy options, theme customization, app ock, and much more. Even though the market is flooded with the mods of WhatsApp, GA WhatsApp has reserved its seat on the top of the list of the best mods of WhatsApp. We have outlined some of its appealing features, but I would suggest you download it to explore it and take full advantage of its specifications.  GA WhatsApp Apk was devised by GAMODS and is based on GB WhatsApp. Most of its features are the same as those of GB WhatsApp. But it has some new and updated features like supporting large-size videos and privacy settings. We will discuss its characteristics in detail in n this post, and you can download it from the link given below. GA WhatsApp is a programmatically modified WhatsApp that adds services that aren’t available on the original WhatsApp, and it offers you a better messaging experience, privacy, and customization settings…

WhatsApp Mix APK

GA WhatsApp Apk

Basic Information of GA WhatsApp Apk:

  • File Name: GA WhatsApp
  • File Size: 25 MB
  • Publishers: GAMODS
  • File version: 9.21
  • Latest update: a week ago
  • Compatible with: Android 5 and plus. 

Features of GA WhatsApp APK latest version 2022.

GA WhatsApp has many interesting features. We have highlighted a few of them. 

Freeze last seen:

GA WhatsApp has a fantastic privacy feature that freezes the “last seen” status. By default, when we open a chat in WhatsApp, we can see when the individual was last online. Your last seen status will be hidden when you enable the “Freeze Last Seen” option.

“View once” media:

GA WhatsApp added a new feature. If you enable “view once images unlimited times,” you will be able to see that media unlimited time and save it to your device gallery. 

Select some contacts who can call you?

If you get disturbed by calls on WhatsApp, you should use this MOD function. You can control who can call you using this. Everyone can call you on WhatsApp by default. You can alter it to “My contacts,” “My contacts except…”, “Select contacts,” “Nobody,” and so on with this option. You will no longer receive any calls on your GA WhatsApp if you set “Nobody.”

Hide view status:

It is a status privacy feature that allows you to see other people’s status updates without letting them know. This feature is extremely amazing.

Show blue ticks after reply:

If you check this option, Sender will only see the blue ticks when you reply to that message. 

Lock WhatsApp:

GA WhatsApp has a top-notch security feature that you can keep your  WhatsApp conversation safe from others. It adds a password lock that must be entered before opening a WhatsApp account. It’s also known as the initial screen lock. It has a lot of customization options, including the ability to establish the password as a pattern or a PIN.

You can also set a “Recovery Question” to assist you if you forget your password. You can also disable Pattern vibration and make Pattern invisible. Enjoy this amazing security feature in GA WhatsApp now. 

BackUp Chats and restore them:

In addition to WhatsApp’s standard chat backup feature, GA WhatsApp features its own enhanced backup and restore feature. It allows you to backup and restore WhatsApp data and do data backups in the same way as GB WhatsApp Backup does. You can also delete chat history with a single tap.

Customizable themes:

GA WhatsApp features an in-built theme store where you can get free customizable themes to download and install online. There are currently over 100 themes available in the store, and the greatest part is that they are all free to use. Download GA WhatsApp now to have an attractive user interface. 

How To Download And Install GA WhastApp mod APK?

GA WhatsApp is a mod app, and you can not find it on the Google app store. If you want to download it, you can click on the link provided in our post. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the download link
  • Click “download anyway.” 
  • Install the app 
  • If you haven’t installed any mod APK file, then check “unknown resource.”
  • Launch it 
  • Click “Agree and continue.”
  • Put your number
  • Put OTP.
  • And enjoy the fantastic features of GA WhatsApp. 


Are GA WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp are same?

GA WhatsApp is based on the GB WhatsApp and has many functions like GB WhatsApp. But GA WhatsApp is a revised and updated version with some extra features. 

Can we back up and restore our WhatsApp data using GA WhatsApp?

Yes, you can backup and restore data using GA WhatsApp. GA WhatsApp has a cloud storage system to restore your data. 

Is it safe to use GA WhatsApp?

Your protection is our forest priority. We manually check all the apps we offer on our website. Our developers passed it and declared it safe to use. You can download and use GA WhatsApp worry-free


GA WhatsApp is an excellent WhatsApp MOD app. Its interface and MOD features are extremely simple and useful, and I believe it is superior to and comparable to the popular GB WhatsApp. Even though both MOD apps have the same functionalities (I can confirm it because I have recently used both of them), additionally, it is currently only supported in Android versions 5.0 and up. That’s all! Hopefully, You enjoyed the post. If you have any further queries, please leave a comment below.

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