TM Whatsapp APK Download Latest Official 2023 For Android

TM WhatsApp APK Download Official & Anti-Ban Version

TM WhatsApp Apk is a well-known mod of WhatsApp and is developed by Facebook. It is the best alternative to your regular WhatsApp, which has too many rules and restrictions. Use the one that you can tailor according to your desire. Download TM WhatsApp now. 

GioWhatsapp APK

GioWhatsapp APK

What is TM WhatsApp Apk?

TM WhatsApp is a modded app of the WhatsApp official. It offers so many features in addition to the features of normal WhatsApp. We have given honest reviews on TM WhatsApp. Read on to know more about the latest TM WhatsApp mod apk latest version. 

The Download Information of TM WhatsApp APK

  • App name: TM WhatsApp mod APK
  • Developer: Facebook 
  • File Size: 50 MB 
  • Version: V 7.70
  • Latest update: February 20, 2022.

Features Of The TM WhatsApp Mod APK

TM WhatsApp has so many unique features that you will not find in any other messaging app. Some of them are mentioned below:

Free of Cost:

You can use this premium app tension free. TM WhatsApp does not claim any hidden charges. Get it now from the given link.

The Privacy Feature of TM WhatsApp:

TM Whatsapp cares about your privacy. It offers so many privacy features missing in the WhatsApp official app. 

  • Hide your online status.
  • With TM WhatsApp, you can hide your “online” status, but you can see others’ statuses.
  • Hide your profile from some contacts:
  • You can hide your profile picture from some contacts.
  • Hide “typing…” and “recording…” status
  • Whenever you type a message or record any voice note, “typing…” or “recording…” status is shown to the other person. If you want to hide that status, use TM WhatsApp.
  • Hide double ticks and blue ticks
  • With TM WhatsApp, you can hide the double and blue ticks, even when online, and read the message. Go to the settings and select the “hide blue tick or double ticks” option.
  • Hide the blue ticks unless you reply to the message 
  • This is a fantastic feature of TM Whatsapp that the ticks do not turn blue unless you reply to that message. Download TM WhatsApp to enjoy this excellent privacy feature. 

Interface Features of TM WhatsApp

TM WhatsApp offers a customizable interface, and you can tailor it according to your choice. Scroll down and read about the interface options:


There are a variety of themes on TM WhatsApp, and you can choose a unique and appealing theme for yourself.

Customize font style

The entire user interface can be customized. Text, buttons, and visuals can all be customized in color and shape. This customization feature is not available in the original app. As a result, this app makes it simple to select the appropriate visual appearance.

Customize Wallpaper

In the TM WhatsApp mod App, there are over 700 wallpapers to choose from. This app automatically downloads this and organizes them for you. You don’t need to download any additional wallpapers. 

More emojis

To make your conversation more natural and emotional, TM WhatsApp has a huge collection of stickers. You got to download TM WhatsApp to use these exciting emojis.

Media sharing options: 

TM WhatsApp offers advanced media sharing options. 

Image and video sharing

With TM WhatsApp, you can send any video of more than 30 seconds and more than 50MB in size. You can send up to 100 pictures at a time. And the quality of the image is not compromised.

Upload story of more than 30 sec:

You can upload stories of more than 30 sec By using TM WhatsApp. This app also allows you to upload more than 30 stories at a time. 

Auto replies and scheduled messages:

With TM WhatsApp, you can send auto-replies and send a scheduled message.

Send multiple messages at a time:

Send several messages to a large number of people. TM WhatsApp allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts as a forward message without the “forward message” tag appearing at the top of the message.

How To Download TM WhatsApp Mod APK’s latest version?

We have devised an installation guide to help you download this app. Follow these basic steps if you want to download the M WhatsApp mod APK.

  • Back up all previous messages to avoid data loss.
  • Uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp
  • Click on the provided link to download TM WhatsApp.
  • Install the App
  • Allow the unknown resources. 
  • Launch the App
  • Share it with your friends.

What is The Requirement to Download TM WhatsApp?

If you want to download and install TM Whatsapp, it is mandatory to have:

  • secure internet connection. 
  •  An Android devices have more than 4.1 version
  • Mobile storage space.


Is it legal to use the TM WhatsApp Mod APK?

You must have heard the rumor that mod versions will be banned. Yes, it is legal to use TM WhatsApp. Do not worry about using TM WhatsApp. It will never disappoint its users. 

Where do I download TM WhatsApp?

We have given a secure link to download TM WhatsApp; click on the link to download the APK file.

APKfeb is an authorized website. All the links provided to our people are tested and trusted. If you download any APK file from an untrusted website, it may damage your device and leak your confidential data. 

Who is the developer of TM WhatsApp?

Facebook developed TM WhatsApp.

Do we have to pay to use TM WhatsApp?

NO, you do not have to pay to use the TM WhatsApp premium app. There are also no hidden charges as well.


TM WhatsApp offers a good range of functions and features to give the user greater control over their experience when talking and engaging with their dear ones, similar to other modded versions of WhatsApp like GB, Plus, or FM WhatsApp.

If you face any issue downloading the file, scroll down to the comment section and simply leave your question here. Our team will respond as soon as possible.

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