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Download WhatsApp base APK

In case you do not know the best mod of WhatsApp with the most attractive features? We present you with WhatsApp base APK. This is a better alternative to your normal WhatsApp. Read on to know the basic information and our reviews on Base WhatsApp APK. We also have given a secure link to download it..

What is WhatsApp base APK?

WhatsApp Base is a popular mod version of the original WhatsApp. It is famous around the globe. You can tailor this app according to your choice. Some features are missing in the WhatsApp official app, Such as some privacy features and some customizing features. Click on the link and get this amazing app now.

WhatsApp Base APK

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Base MOD APK?

WhatsApp Base APK provides unlimited unique features that you won’t find in any other mod of WhatsApp. Some of the are mentioned below:

Additional Features WhatsApp base APK

  • Anti Ban 
  • Status download option 
  • Dark mode available 
  • You can name the app
  • Hide chat 
  • Put a lock on the app
  • All hidden features are available 

Privacy Features Of WhatsApp base APK

  • Hide “forwarde message.”
    When someone sends any forwarded message, there is a “forwarded message” tag with that message that doesn’t look good. If you use WhatsApp base APK, you can remove this tag.
  • Hide “online” status:
    With WhatsApp Base APK for android, you can hide your “online” status. 
  • Anti-Revoke
    It is anti-revoke; the sender can not delete message for everyone; even if he delete any message, you still will be able to see those message. 
  • Hide Blue Ticks And double ticks:
    You can hide Blue ticks as well as double ticks if you want. 
  • Hide blue ticks unless you reply to that message:
    With Whatsapp base APK, you can hide blue ticks unless you reply to that message. 
  • Hide status view:
    You can now hide the status view, and the person will never know that you have watched their status unless you reply to that status.
  • Hide “typing” and “recording.”
    You can hide “typing” and “recording” when you type or record any message. 
  • You can hide that you played any video or audio sent to you. 

Custamizable interface:

  • Themes:
    There is a collection of themes on the WhatsApp Base Mod App, and you can choose any from them to make your interface eye-catching. 
  • Background Color:
    You also can set any solid color to your background. 
  • Font Style:
    You can change font style, and there are so many font styles to choose from. 
  • Pin Chats:
    Unlike WhatsApp Official, you can pi unlimited chats on the top of your screen.
  • Lock any chat:
    You can lock any chat by putting in a password, pin, or fingerprint. Now no one can invade your privacy.
   Notification Options
  • You get notified when any of your friends come online.
  • You get notified when someone views your status.
  • There is a green dot shown with the name of the online people. 
  • With WhatsApp Base Mod APP, you can get notifications
  • when your contacts change their profile picture. 
  • Set the location of the notification pop-up on your screen according to your desire. 

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Base APK?

WhatsApp Base APP is a mod app, and you can not get it from the Google Appstore. You have to download it from any website. If you want to have this excellent app on your mobile phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the provided link. 
  • Before installing WhatsApp base APK, do not forget to restore chats to save your essential data. 
  • Install this App
  • Allow “Unknown resources.”
  • Backup chats 
  • Enjoy the quality features of WhatsApp base’s latest version.
  • Share this app with your friends.

How to update WhatsApp Base APK

You can update Whatsapp base App with every latest update from developers. Subscribe to our website, and you will get notified whenever there is any new update.

Note: Do not download any APK file from any untreated website that can leak your data and also can hack your phone. APKFEB.com is a safe website and provides trusted links to download previous Apps. 


Is it safe to use WhatsApp mod APK?

Yes! It is safe to use WhatsApp base mod APK, and there is no risk of data loss or any privacy issue using this app.

How can I get access to all the mentioned features?

If you download WhatsApp base  from the link given above, you can get access to all its features.

How can I change the settings of font style?

If you want to change font style, go on the settings option by tapping on the three dots icon on the top of the screen, then change the font style according to your choice.


WhatsApp base APP is a fantastic app with so many exciting features mentioned earlier. We rate this app 4.3 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful; if so, share your feedback in the comment section below. You also can share your problem regarding this app; our crew will hear from you as soon as possible. 

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